Stars Ditch Hyperbaric Chambers for Vitamin Injections

There has to be an easier way!
There has to be an easier way! Photo: Colindunn via Flickr

It’s 2012, way past the point when we expected to be eating a full steak and potato dinner in pill form, as The Jetsons lead us to believe. Of course, if you’re a big Hollywood star bored with all the effort it takes to masticate solid food, you simply have to plug a needle into your arm for 45 minutes a week and part with $275 to get your own “liquid vitamin” infusion, like Rihanna and Madonna have reportedly been doing. Today, ABC looks at the vitamin IV drip phenomenon that’s supposedly sweeping up stars. Sure, we know it’s only vitamins and all, but why does this practice scare us more than smoking zombie bath salts? [ABC]