St. Felix Brands Its Own Bacon-Infused Vodka: Swine 99

Swine 99
Swine 99 Photo: St. Felix

Vodka is nothing new for the annals of bacon-beatification. But it sounds like it’s suddenly a big hit in Hollywood, perhaps marking somewhat of a more mainstream embrace of the hard-hitting hog-wash. Chad Stewart, head mixologist for the two locations of nightclub St. Felix, makes an off-menu version of bacon-infused vodka that has apparently been popular enough that the place tells us it’s going to start branding the stuff “Swine 99” and serving it from the bottle you see here, in which you can actually catch Porky’s parts bobbling around in the spirit. Stewart says he distills grilled bacon (the good stuff, we’re assured) five times over two weeks for the drinks, which includes strips and visible pork fat. St. Felix is offering it at their Hollywood and Santa Monica Boulevard locations, and also showing the stuff off at a new Sunday Bloody Mary bar that offers three takes and a DIY style, with pepper jerky, sambal oelek, and beer among the assets offered on a jumbo checklist.