Angeleno Designs Beer Shirt To Benefit South Sudan

White Bull Lager
White Bull Lager Photo: I Heart Juba MDs

Local graphic designer Brett Walkley is raising funds for the gestating nation of South Sudan using a theme we can all probably unite on: beer! This good Samaritan designed a T-shirt under her “I Heart Juba MDs” line featuring the White Bull Lager logo of South Sudan’s first (and likely only) beer, of which she refers to its brewing as “a big feat for a previously Muslim nation.” Last year, Walkley was in South Sudan to witness the country’s creation and decided to do something positive to benefit the first 400 medical students in South Sudan who are “struggling” to become the first doctors in the country, which she says has the world’s highest rate of maternal mortality.

Walkley currently offers two shirts at $25 each, with 100% of the proceeds from each sale going to the students of South Sudan’s University of Juba College of Medicine. Check them out, and read her story, online. And yes, they are much nicer looking than those heinous pizza shirts.