Slurp Like It’s 1995 and Bring Seinfeld’s Soup Nazi to Boston

Soup for You!!
Soup for You!! Photo: Soup for Boston

OK, so we’re probably not landing the next season of Top Chef, but there’s still hope for small-screen glamour, Boston! This summer, Seinfeld’s incorrigible Soup Nazi might visit. Yes, he still exists! And he’s still slingin’ soup … for free!

Apparently missing the fame and fortune that comes with multiple cameos on a major TV show wanting to travel the country to provide luscious sitcom delicacies for all, Larry Thomas will bring his Seinfeld Food Truck (motto: Justice Will Be Served … With a Spoon) to one lucky city in July. Ouch!

Thomas, AKA the Soup Nazi, will dole out free Seinfeld food staples like mulligatawny soup, Junior Mints, black-and-white cookies, and (we can only hope!) lots of pretzels. There’s now a Facebook group devoted to bringing him here, so head on over to Soup for Boston’s Facebook page, “like” it, and don’t lick any poisonous envelopes before next month. [Facebook]

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