Sons & Daughters to Raise Prices Slightly, Nix Healthy S.F.

Sons & Daughters
Sons & Daughters Photo: Brian Smeets/Grub Street

For their upcoming switch to their summer tasting menu, Sons & Daughters co-chef-owners Teague Moriarty and Matt McNamara have decided to raise the prix fixe slightly, from $92 to $98 ($92 will be the price for the vegetarian option). They’ll be adding an extra course, bringing the tally to nine altogether, and speaking of Bauer pet peeves, they’re heeding the call to do away with the Healthy S.F. surcharge and just roll their health care costs into their pricing. Through June 25 you can still get the spring menu, however, and the 3.5% charge will still be on there. Also, the price for wine pairings, $69, will be unchanged.