Smashburger Will Bring Even More Better-Burgers to the ‘Burbs!

Smashed with their own top-secret tool!
Smashed with their own top-secret tool! Photo: Average Jane via Flickr

Shake Shack in Newton! Bobby Flay’s Burger Palace in Burlington! And now…Smashburgers all over Middlesex County? How much protein do anemic suburbanites need? Plenty, hopes a Connecticut-based entrepreneur, who has bought the rights to open several Colorado-based Smashburgers throughout the area over the next seven years.

The Boston Business Journal says that Robert Savin, a relatively young buck of 36, thinks that there’s plenty of room for Smashburgers; the main competition seems to be Five Guys, but he points out that Smash has a way bigger menu. He and his dad previously owned the chipperly named mini-chain Dandy Doughnuts, which was eventually eaten by Dunkin’.

Excited? Remember: They don’t squish, they smash.

Smashburger to Take on Five Guys [BBJ]
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