President Obama Has Dinner for Breakfast in L.A.

Obama Photo: Becky F. via Flickr

If you couldn’t figure it out from Pico’s torpid pace yesterday, President Obama was visiting L.A. over the last couple of days. POTUS left San Francisco on Wednesday to spend the night pressing flesh at a party at The Beverly Wilshire, shortly before jumping over to a private dinner organized by the creator of Glee. He rose early the next morning to rally a handful of young Hollywood hot-shots to his cause at The Beverly Hilton, urging them to get working on is reelection campaign. As if that herky-jerky schedule doesn’t sound demanding enough, L.A. Observed reports that Obama next traveled to South L.A.’s little-but-loaded View Park neighborhood shortly before 9:00 A.M. where 300 supporters breakfasted on “fried catfish and fried chicken.”

Yep, at nine in the morning. Apparently, one successful publicity opp at Roscoe’s means a lifetime filled with golden fried foods every time you step in L.A., no matter how many times your wife reminded you to eat smart on your big business trip. Can someone please get this man a breakfast burrito? [LA Observed]