Adam Cole Teams Up With ink. Sommelier Sunday for BBQ at Tony’s Saloon

Watch your back 'cuz you might get smoked, loc
Watch your back 'cuz you might get smoked, loc Photo: Lithfin via Flickr

There’s a barbecue going down tomorrow*** in the Arts District. 213 Nightlife’s Tony’s Saloon in Downtown is welcoming Adam Vourvoulis, the former-Mozza, current-ink. sommelier, and Texan-born, North Carolina-reared Adam Cole from Lindy & Grundy, for a porky pop-up. Cole and Vourvoulis will be preparing a smoked porker from ReRide Ranch, along with their own pickles, slaw, and biscuits, all sold at per-pound plate price and coming in around twelve to twenty dollars. Tony’s will be on swerve-duty, pairing beers and hard cider to the food at five to seven bucks a pop, aided by Nitro Dreams, who will make their own ice cream at the event to keep everyone cool. The party starts at 3:00 P.M. at 2017 E. Seventh St. Downtown and goes until the food runs out.

**** Organizers previously told us the event would be on Saturday. Our apologies if this lead to any misunderstandings.