Pitfire Pizza Owner Going Gonzo!

Prepare for more Pitfire Pizza
Prepare for more Pitfire Pizza Photo: Shredded77 via Flickr

Paul Hibler, the Pitfire Pizza co-owner providing conceptual and material support for Jason Neroni’s new Venice project, Superba Snack Bar, plans to continue his Bil Chait-ian way of funding chef-driven concepts with the introduction of a new “restaurant incubator” called American Gonzo Food Corp. Pitfire’s apparently rocking more than just our mouths, as the chain boasts of record profits on top of a yearly profit increase and will expand to four more locations in the next year-and-a-half. In addition to his new Rose Avenue Italian, Hibler plans an additional full-service bakery and restaurant called Superba Food & Bread in Venice, with its own bread delivery by bicycle.

Hibler won’t tell Nation’s Restaurant News about any additional ventures, but does explain why so many locals and imports have been going gangbusters in the last few years when he says, “You can open restaurants here that will do numbers that will blow your mind.” Great! Now does anyone have a spare six figures or so to lend our way? [NRN]