Pink Slime Controversy a Boon to Australian Cattle Ranchers

Moo, mate.
Moo, mate. Photo: iStockphoto

According to a report, Australian cattle exporters are set to experience a windfall as an indirect result of the pink slime controversy in the United States. Imports of beef and veal from the land down under have increased by 28 percent. Meanwhile, exports of domestically produced beef to Taiwan practically stopped altogether after pink-slime-related headlines dominated the news in March, and scientists discovered ractopamine, a substance that’s banned pretty much everywhere except the U.S., within their supply of beef produced in the United States. It’s not all good news for the Australian beef industry, however: Exports to Indonesia are on the decline after an undercover news video depicted Aussie workers engaged in the inhumane treatment of live cattle headed to Indonesia for slaughter. [Courier Mail, Earlier]