Pasadena Holding 100th Birthday Party for Julia Child in August

Child, with butcher Jack Savenor
Child, with butcher Jack Savenor Photo: JTHetzel via Flickr

Pasadena is planning a city-wide celebration of its legendary daughter, Julia Child, in honor of what would be the original celebrity chef’s 100th birthday on August 15. Break out the Goldfish crackers, as this is scheduled to be a cocktail party held among various restaurants throughout the city, where Child was born and long held close ties to, culminating in with a simultaneous toast held between them that Wednesday evening.

A press release promises that some of the participating restaurants will prepare cocktails, and even dishes, created with Child in mind, with Pasadena Chamber CEO and President announcing, “In addition to bringing fine French cuisine to America and cooking to television, we know Julia Child appreciated a good glass of wine and a fine cocktail. We want everyone to join us in Pasadena as we raise a glass to toast the 100th anniversary of her birth.” To that end, Little is encouraging the public to come dressed in cocktail party clothes from the fifties, sixties, and seventies, while the event is designed as a kickoff to the city’s SIP-tember challenge, which finds local restaurants battling each other through mixology for six weeks in late-summer.