The Chinese Have Rectangular, Gum-Filled Oreos

Circular and cream-filled, the way they should be.
Circular and cream-filled, the way they should be.

There is a Kraft Foods “biscuit research lab” in China, where all sorts of peculiar snack and dessert ideas are executed. At this Austin Powers–like megaplex, “half science lab, half kitchen,” white-coated researchers concoct marvels like chicken feet with pickled chili and rectangular Oreos stuffed with chewing gum instead of cream. Spoiler alert: This cookie didn’t make it past the testing phase. Yet.

According to one scientist, the gum-filled Oreo “tasted OK but was difficult to swallow,” not to mention supremely un-dunkable! Other ideas that never quite made it past the lab: red-bean-paste Oreos (not a hit with Chinese tots) and a Ritz cracker flavored like fish boiled in spicy Sichuan peppercorn oil (probably not a hit with anyone at all).

The rectangular Oreo might make a U.S. appearance, though, so stay tuned. In 2006, a rectangular version (filled with cream, not chewing gum) was the “best-selling biscuit item” in China, and Kraft China’s president alludes to “tests” being done in the United States. (Perhaps this is in honor of the treat’s 100th birthday.) If current trends are any indication, they’ll probably be filled with Doritos.

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