Luxury Seats Will Get Better Booze Service at New Nets Arena

Coming right along.
Coming right along. Photo: Andrew Burton/Getty

Hey, people who like basketball and getting drunk: Consider maybe not sitting in the cheap seats at the new Barclays Center. The Post has a devastating new story that says people sitting in luxury seats will be able to buy booze for a longer period of time than everyone else. Anyone who’s ever been to a sporting even knows booze service usually gets cut off before any given game’s final period, and it won’t be any different at Barclays — for most people. (Hope the hoi polloi likes Brooklynized water!) Luxury seat holders “will get the added bonus of being served booze up to an hour after arena events end — or as late as 2 a.m.” Also: There’s at least one seating area called “The Vault,” which will be full of Champagne. The cost for access is a mere $550,000 per year. Real ballers can afford it. [NYP]