Romney Staffers, More Fun Than Their Boss, Frolic at Bathroom Bar

Did not get busy in a nightclub bathroom.
Did not get busy in a nightclub bathroom. Photo: AP

Mitt Romney might be stone-cold sober, but that doesn’t mean his staffers can’t have a little bit of fun! HuffPo says Mitt’s minions spent $400 wining and dining at Arizona’s Mint Restaurant and Ultra Lounge. And here’s a fun little detail: The nightspot is known for its tempting coed Champagne bathroom, which according to one review takes “socializing in the bathroom to a new level.”

It is also popular for its models, dancers, and showgirls, along with body-painting opportunities. Sounds like Mitt’s kind of place, right? A Romney spokesperson insisted that staffers having dinner is hardly noteworthy and pointed out that the Mint also held a Newt Gingrich rally in February, so clearly it’s a very respectable place.

Romney Campaign Paid Almost $400 To Arizona Nightclub And ‘Ultra Lounge’ [HuffPo via

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