Bauer Still Impressed With Firefly, Eighteen Years Later

Still fresh after all these years, says Bauer.
Still fresh after all these years, says Bauer. Photo: Courtesy of Firefly

It’s been ten years since Michael Bauer last officially checked in on Firefly, the Noe Valley mainstay opened by chef Brad Levy in 1994. It may have fallen off his Top 100 as of last year, but he says that it’s still “as fresh as the day it opened.” He compliments the work of chef de cuisine Lucian Prellwitz, saying that his dishes are “more refined and sophisticated” than the restaurant has served in previous years. However despite all the compliments for the service, the starters, the halibut, and the pork chop, he still ends up giving the place two and a half stars (it had three back in 2002), and he mentions that the interior could use a little touchup. [Chron]