Why You Need To Watch your Picnic Baskets This Summer

Refuses to stay home and order pizza
Refuses to stay home and order pizza Photo: LongHornDave via Flickr

L.A. has its own version of Yogi Bear, albeit one more suited to ripping you limb from limb than tickling your funny bone with hilarious antics. Authorities call him “Meatball” after he got busted with his nose deep in some leftover Italian food in La Crescenta last fall. At that time, the bear was sedated with darts and dragged deep into the Angeles National Forest where he was expected to be content with nuts and berries. But Meatball clearly can’t get enough people food, as the animal was back to L.A. last week. What happened?

Meatball was spotted again in La Crescenta last Thursday and even got caught on camera by a witness who noted his ID tag, followed by sightings of an unidentified bear reported by residents of Glendale, which may or may not be the same. And lest you think endless miles of freeway and complicated neighborhood networks can protect your pic-a-nic baskets this summer, be aware: Meatballs’ most recent target warns, “If he can find his way back to LaCresenta, he can go anywhere.” [NBC]