Ten Great Things to Eat and Drink When McCarren Pool Reopens Tomorrow

Cubana Social's empanada. Photo: Melissa Hom

Hard to believe it’s actually happening, but the McCarren Park Pool is slated to reopen, filled with water for the first time since the eighties, tomorrow. The $50-million-dollar revamp has made the pool shiny and new (and cleaned away any remnants of the concerts that filled the space in summers past), but your food and drink options will be limited. Luckily, there are plenty of places to grab a bite and a drink all around the park. Yes, your mom may have told you not to eat before swimming, but splashing around does work up an appetite. Which is why we’ve rounded up ten of the best portable eats and drinks in the vicinity of north Williamsburg and lower Greenpoint — margaritas, coffee, hot dogs, empanadas, and much more. So grab your trunks, hit the pool, then snap up anything you see straight ahead.