Vermont Reinvented as Rockwell: Table & Stage, Celebrating Boogie Nights With Huge Hot Dogs

Rockwell now features more room for live performances
Rockwell now features more room for live performances Photo: Rockwell: Table & Stage

Press reps for Los Feliz’s triple-threat venue, Rockwell, VT., Show at Barre, and Vermont Kitchen and Bar announce that the days of such muddled nomenclature are finally coming to an end, as the property is relaunching under the simplified name “Rockwell: Table & Stage” on June 7. The change also includes both an interior and menu revamp, which includes a new bi-level outdoor dining area and a larger performance venue, as the wall separating Le Barre and Vermont has been obliterated, all to make more room for the monthly performances of “For the Record,” the troupe that stages film-inspired live concerts with a sheen and enthusiasm strong enough to convert even those who feel malevolently about “musicals.” Which brings us to Rockwell’s new menu.

As aesthetic renovations continue through summer, Rockwell will also roll out a new menu. In the meantime, to celebrate For The Record’s upcoming tribute to Boogie Nights and other works by Paul Thomas Anderson (held Thursday, Fridays, and Saturdays from June 7 to August 4), the restaurant will have its own menu of hot dogs suitably named for this Mark Walhberg-starring seventies porno ode.

There’s a ten-inch “Big Diggler,” naturally, as well as a “Todd Porker,” using in-house sausages of pork and beef, BBQ sauce, mac and cheese, and jalapenos, a “Brat” Landers (bratwurst with curry ketchup), and a “Rollover and Dog,” wrapped in bacon, among others intimidating wieners. All dogs will be nine dollars, including waffle fries and slaw. And yes, Rockwell will even have a “Punch-Drunk” punch on hand through summer.