Knotts Turns Its Food Up a Knottch

The theme park formed around a restaurant
The theme park formed around a restaurant Photo: Randy Son of Robert via Flickr

As far as we know, Knotts Berry Farm doesn’t have a (creepy) secret dining club like Disneyland, but it’s going to make a grab for the foodie crowd nonetheless. The theme park, which actually formed to entertain crowds waiting three to four hours at Mrs. Knott’s Chicken Dinner Restaurant in 1940, is launching an all-out assault on sophisticated palates with “gourmet menus” spread among the attractions.

The usual run-of-the-mill stock of churros and raspberry cookies are being joined by flank steak sandwiches cooked 24 hours and placed in jalapeno bread, chicken kebab, eleven-hour ribs, and burgers with claims to have never been frozen. Proving that literally EVERYone is now a food critic, two out of three park guests were split on the servings, with one lady calling the steak sandwich “tasty” and her husband calling it “just a little chewy.” Oh well, in the end, doesn’t most of this stuff just end up on the seats of The Silver Bullet? [OC Register]