Watch Hockey Player Dustin Brown’s Kids Drink Chocolate Milk Out of the Stanley Cup


Traditionally, winners of the NHL’s 100-plus-year-old Stanley Cup celebrate their victory by quaffing Champagne from hockey’s Holy Grail. For the first time in their 45-year history, The L.A. Kings enjoyed the custom on Monday night and it looked like a predictably great time. The next day, the team’s captain, Dustin Brown, was the first to take the cup home to his house in Manhattan Beach, where he set Lord Stanley’s Mug up in his backyard and filled it with chocolate milk before letting his two tiny sons go at it (they were dressed preciously in matching Spider Man outfits, obviously). So, here’s an adorable video of the giggling little imps drinking out of and blowing bubbles into the consecrated vessel. What a cool dad!

Dustin Brown’s kids drink chocolate milk, blow bubbles out of Stanley Cup [Yahoo!]