King Eddy Saloon Sold in Downtown

Hail to the King
Hail to the King Photo: King Eddy via Facebook

The type of classic L.A. dive bar that fueled the pens of Fante and Bukowski are sadly going the way of the dodo, with Downtown’s splendidly sketchy King Eddy Saloon, a staple of Skid Row’s flophouse dwellers, just the latest to hit the endangered list. The bar, “where nobody gives a shit about your name,” has reportedly been purchased by owners of Downtown’s Library Bar and Spring Street Bar, who promise to respect its past (the bar has a subterranean speakeasy and possibly the oldest liquor license on record), but will still probably have to pay for the rehab with drinks that cost more than a jangle of spare change.

Owner Dustin Croick laments, “When I have to walk out of this place, turn out the lights and shut the door, it will be the hardest thing I’ve ever done.” There’s a booze for that, Dustin. In any case, the bar will remain open at least through summer. [LAT]