Sunset Park Gets Its Own Vodka Distillery

Photo: Courtesy Industry City Distillery

We’ve been following the new Industry City Distillery — a vodka company founded by a crew of devout tinkerers in the shadowy towers of Brooklyn’s Bush Terminal — for a while now. The five-man crew assembled everything from the custom fractional still to their label-making letter press; and the resulting vodka, made by fermenting beet sugar with a single-celled fungi “collected from beet fields in Europe,” is now being sold and served locally. The company’s long-term, ambitious plans include the roll-out of BeetSolv, a natural cleaning chemical made from the distillery’s by-product; as well as perfecting a turbine that runs on alcohol. According to its website, the distillery isn’t yet 100 percent up and running, but writer Diana Kuan of Brooklyn Galley recently took a tour and some photos. It’s worth a look; these guys are ones to watch. [Industry City Distillery, Brooklyn Galley]