Here’s the Trailer for Ottavia Bourdain’s Employees Only [Updated]

Tony says the place looks fabulous. Photo: Employees Only

A trailer for a TV pilot produced by ass-kicker Ottavia Bourdain has made its way onto the web. Employees Only takes place during the manic opening days of a fictional Flatiron restaurant called Zio, (which is actually the Flatiron restaurant Zio). Things get crazy when the soft-opening hits: Elegant ladies arrive, and downtown fixture and foodie host Debi Mazar stops in, as does Mr. Bourdain himself. In a companion interview, writer/director Tania Van Pelt and producer Bourdain say the show was inspired by their down-and-out days in the New York restaurant scene. They'd read books about the restaurant industry's seamy underbelly cough, Kitchen Confidential, cough the craziness they experienced in real life, however, made that stuff seem like fiction.

Update: That was fast. The trailer is now a private video, but the interview with Ottavia is still up, so we've embedded that below instead.

Employees Only Trailer [Vimeo]