Hot Stuff: Today’s Scorcher Takes Its Toll on Ice Cream and Fried Chicken

If you can't take the heat…
If you can't take the heat… Photo: Little Baby's Ice Cream

Though they’ve been melting brains all over the web with what must surely be the trippiest Kickstarter video ever, the fear of liquefied assets will keep the Little Baby’s Ice Cream dudes off the streets today. With the mercury pushing 90 degrees at 9 a.m., and expected to rise even higher as the day wears on, LBIC tweeted this morning that fire raining down from the sky today will keep them from coming out to Love Park. Bummer, huh? There’s more hot bad news, though. The excessive heat will also prevent David Katz from serving his coveted fried chicken for lunch today at Meme. Still these hellacious weather conditions are bringing some good news.

Katz tweeted that Morgan’s Pier, where he’s moonlighting as consulting chef, has “fans shooting out mist!” to combat the sizzling heat. “Feels gooooood….Ahhhhh,” he added. Also good news for the heat averse, South Philly’s American Sardine Bar now has air conditioning, bringing a sense of breeziness to Point Breeze.

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