Are Grass Fed’s Burgers Too Saucy?

Too much of a good thing?
Too much of a good thing? Photo: Boston for a Year

In case you’re wondering, apparently there is such a thing as too much remoulade. One intrepid Grass Fed patron tucked into their much-ballyhooed oyster burger and felt ill afterwards. “The remoulade was good but somewhat heavy and applied too generously to an already luscious burger,” Boston for a Year laments. And it gets worse!

Also note that the fries were very truffle-y but could have been fluffier, and Parmesan on truffle oil fries “have a deadening effect on the flavors.” Between the parmesan, the unfluffy truffle fries, and the overdressed oyster, the “components were a bit too much with the richness of the remoulade over-powering the surf n’ turf flavor interplay,” and NBNN felt “unpleasantly” stuffed. If this person is in Boston for just a year, perhaps it’s worth checking out the fried-oyster-crowned burger at Island Creek before fleeing the city. [BFAY, Earlier]