The Gold Dust Lounge’s Wharf Location Revealed

It's going in there?
It's going in there? Photo: Google

The new address of the Gold Dust Lounge couldn’t be announced when the bar closed last month, though owners Jim and Tasios Bovis said they’d secured a new location at Fisherman’s Wharf. Today, the address for “Gold Dust at the Wharf” comes through over the liquor license wires, and it’s 165 Jefferson Street, in the Pacific Fair Shops a few doors down from the Rainforest Café and the Wax Museum. The Scoop reports that they salvaged all they could from the historic space at Union Square, including the ceiling mural, which was on canvas, and they’re going to try to recreate that signature marquis over the entrance too. As for when they’ll reopen in their new, equally tourist-friendly digs, it’s too soon to tell. But maybe by the end of the year? [Scoop, Earlier]