Regarding Soda, Georgina Bloomberg Has Dad’s Back, But Not Really

Fresca freak.
Fresca freak. Photo: Jason Kempin

We know what Jerry Seinfeld and Jon Stewart think of the soda ban, but what about Mayor Bloomberg’s own family? Well, at last night’s Stefano Tonchi event, Grub Street asked Georgina Bloomberg where she stands on the sipping war. “His intentions are good,” she says of Daddy Doomberg. “And, it’s the kind of thing that the public will thank him for in twenty years.” But then she hesitates. “However … “

“People should be allowed to make their own bad choices, but it should be more expensive … Ideally, he would lower the cost of healthy food instead of banning unhealthy food. If people were able to afford to eat nutritious food, I think they would make better choices.” And incidentally, she also tells us, “I really like Fresca.”