Fred Eric Hosting Pancake Breakfast Fest

Dabs & Myla
Dabs & Myla Photo: L.A. Weekly

On August 5, Tiara Cafe and Fred 62 chef Fred Eric will host L.A. Weekly’s second annual “Pancake Breakfast,” a showcase of 25 breakfast specialists hand-picked by the chef to be held at Saint Vibiana. Last year’s event found such pancake-related edibles as crepes, pajeon, donuts, okonomiyaki, and maize cakes among the eclectic mix, in addition to pastries, coffee, and even some booze. This year, a $30 entry fee buys a three hour tour of morning meals made by restaurants including Salt’s Cure, BLD, Handsome Coffee Roasters, Kobawoo, and Hungry Cat, with a full list of participants online, where breakfast-based characters have been provided by L.A.’s awesome Aussie street artists, Dabs and Myla. A smoking stick of butter never looked so cool! [LAW]