‘It’s Total F-cking Bullsh-t,’ and Other Foie Gras Feelings

Hate on something else.
Hate on something else. Photo: Animal

The countdown to the California foie gras ban has some chefs at the end of their wits: “I have always had a problem with the anti-foie people,” Andrew Carmellini tells the Miami New Times. “Why not put their efforts toward the tomato or sugar cane pickers in Florida and the quality of their lives? 99.9 percent of Americans eat tomatoes and sugar. 001 percent of that eat foie gras.” Miami’s Michael Schwartz is stomping his feet, too. “It’s total fucking bullshit. Why don’t they go after the chicken industry? Now there’s some fucked up shit that is a real issue.” Alton Brown obviously agrees. [Miami New Times]

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