Watch a Fistfight Spill Into Venice Ale House

Just before it gets good
Just before it gets good Photo: YouTube

A fight between a bunch of tools who hardly look old enough to drink spilled into Venice Ale House on Sunday evening and (whoo-hoo!) was all recorded on video, as relayed to us by Yo! Venice! The brawl appears to begin on the boardwalk with some skinny guys in hats talking shit to an Adam Fleischman-doppelganger and erupts after an acceptable right-hand to the grill erupts into one of those full-on, nobody-really-knows-who’s-punching-who kind of fights on the bar’s patio. It’s brief but entertaining, but most impressive is the staff at Venice Ale House, particularly the little lady who gets a grip on the whole situation by grabbing a firm fistful of one of the violators’ hair. Enjoy.

Sunday Evening Brawl at Venice Ale House [Yo! Venice!]