Etihad Airways, Volkswagen Both Into This ‘Local Food’ Thing

Imagine this with wings.
Imagine this with wings. Photo: Adactio via Flickr

Volkswagen makes cars and TV ads with Nick Drake. The German company has also fueled its local food economy for the last 40 years in the form of currywurst production and sales. Last year, 4.8 million branded sausages were sold at places like the VW theme park and the Deutsches Currywurst Museum Berlin, ABC reports. Meanwhie in another heavy industry sector, Jaunted reports Abu Dhabi–based Etihad Airways is offering passengers some pretty exclusive pickles, organic eggs, and honey: Three dedicated bee hives and 200 hens at Abu Dhabi Organics Farms are now producing a portion of the in-flight menu. The only sensible next step, obviously, would be for VW to start manufacturing jet engines, then merge with Etihad to form an entirely new company. It could be called Wurst Air. That wienermobile is unsafe at any speed, anyhow. [ABC, Jaunted]