Click (Up) Your Heels: The Emerald Lounge Is Here

Diamonds are forever, but Emerald Lounge is for tonight.
Diamonds are forever, but Emerald Lounge is for tonight.

At long last, the Emerald Lounge is ready for its close-up inside the Revere Hotel. It’s quite a makeover for a place that used to be a Radisson. You might remember that the hotel debuted not long ago with rock-climbers strutting down the hotel’s facade, an enterprise that will surely seem tempting after a few cocktails at this den of debauchery where, per a release, design inspiration is drawn from “the beauty of Boston’s sprawling Emerald Necklace and the mystique of the capital city of Oz.” Dorothy…Dorothy? Also, stabbing your dinner partner or clawing your eyes out with a fork during a deadly date is simply not an option, because all fare is utensil-free.

On the menu: bite-sizers like fish tacos, oyster shooters, duck spring rolls, hummus, and lobster rangoon. The beverage program is green, which means you can feel good about getting drunk a focus on organic and fresh ingredients. We’re also intrigued by the bartenders’ attire: hunter-green vests inspired by minutemen. Judy Garland, meet Paul Revere! This is like the campiest movie ever! Suss it out starting Thursday, inside the Revere Hotel, 200 Stuart Street.

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