El Wingador Busted For Coke

El Wingador's mighty mullet, circa February 2010.
El Wingador's mighty mullet, circa February 2010. Photo: Mike Persico

It’s doubtful that Bill “El Wingador” Simmons will be stuffing his face full of Buffalo wings any time in the near future. The five-time Wing Bowl champ, who retired from the competitive eating circuit earlier this year, was picked up earlier today in Harrison, NJ and charged with first-degree cocaine distribution. Gloucester County Times reports that police seized $8,000 worth of the white stuff, and $4,000 in cash from his Wingadormobile. The not-so-routine traffic stop was reportedly part of a month-long cooperative investigation between New Jersey State Police and the Gloucester County Prosecutor’s Office. Simmons is currently being held on $100,000 full-cash bail. With all that coke and cash keeping him busy, it’s no wonder he hung up his chicken wing-eating career. [GCT]

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