Watch a Brawl Turn Denny’s in Downtown Redlands Into Total Chaos

Get it on the floor...
Get it on the floor... Photo: YouTube

You can practically smell the ethanol wafting through the aisles of this Denny’s in Downtown Redlands, where a fight sent dishes flying, tables flipping, and heels kicking this weekend once the bars closed, leaving Denny’s as the only game in town (no, this is not the first incident of fisticuffs at a Redlands Denny’s). Patch explains that the brawl began when a party leaving the restaurant took offense at a group of customers giggling at another table. Words were traded, shortly before chaos hit the restaurant, with one manager explaining that “it looked like a bomb had gone off in here.” Fortunately, no one was seriously hurt and the only person we can really justify punching is the snickering cameraman behind this video, as he tosses off lame jokes to his pals while simultaneously fudging up footage of what is clearly a beautiful, brutal restaurant row. Take a look (and sorry for any neck cramps).

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