From ‘Seafood Geek’ to GQ Smooth

David LeFevre
David LeFevre Photo: M.B. Post

Former Water Grill chef and current M.B. Post mastermind, David LeFevre, gets the spotlight in this month’s issue of GQ. Although we snort in the magazine’s general direction for questioning L.A.’s surfeit of “soul,” it does give LeFevre, a transplant from Wisconsin, the chance to rebuke them with a tour of some of his favorite local spots.

The chef cites The South Bay’s burger-loving dive bar classic, Ercoles, as a favorite watering hole that “changes every hour from seven o’clock to two a.m., depending on the people that are coming in,” and praises the Italian cooking at Sotto, the seafood at Son of a Gun, and the banh mi at Spice Table. For a drink, LeFevre suggests Roger Room and Villains Tavern, while the unlikely amateur designer also has some tips for finding vintage furniture and clothing, in case you’re wondering where his restaurant gets its sharp taste. [GQ]