Sac Bee Critic Apologizes For Mortifying Mistake

Quills don't come with erasers
Quills don't come with erasers Photo: Sure2Talk via Flickr

Sacramento Bee restaurant critic Blair Anthony Robertson issued an apology for his latest review, a slam of sorts on Elk Grove’s Silva’s Sheldon Inn, after being hounded on Facebook. The reviewers’ crime was not in downgrading the restaurant’s star-wattage or warding foodies away from its menu, as he did, but rather for a reference to Don Brown as the restaurant’s sous chef, despite the fact that Brown died two years ago from a stroke. In his mea culpa, Robertson notes that he failed to, “connect with [the] restaurant’s owners prior to publication.” He also kind of failed to look at the restaurant’s own website, which has a massive memorial to Brown under its history page. [TVNZ]