Beverly’s Doughboys Is Done; Madame Chocolat Closed For Relocation

Hasty Torres
Hasty Torres Photo: Madame Chocolat

It’s been a roller coaster ride for Doughboys, the bakery and cafe that closed in 2007 following unsavory reports from the health department, before reopening on West Third Street in 2010. Eater reports that the second Doughboys store, based on Beverly, is calling it quits and bringing some of its more favored items (red velvet cake) to the Third Street shop. In other news of the gone-but-not-forgotten, The L.A. Times confirms the bittersweet scuttlebutt going around town that Hasty Torres is closing Madame Chocolat for a relocation of her business. According to Torres’, she closed her shop and plans to take time off to start “working on my own bonbon,” a much sweeter term for rug-rat.

Torres will also be spending time in New York, working out of the huge factory space owned by her husband, chocolatier Jacques Torres, before re-opening Madame Chocolat in another part of L.A.

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