Outdoor-Brunch Culture War Still Hot Enough to Fry an Egg On

Completely immoral!
Completely immoral! Photo: Adam Robb

Early rising and brunch don’t generally go hand in hand (at least not for us), but this whole can’t-serve-brunch-outdoors-till-noon-on-Sundays law is more about the principle anyway. So know this: The City Council is fighting for your right to early alfresco Sunday-brunching, courtesy a bill that would allow sidewalk service to start at 10 a.m.

Recently in Greenpoint, the Department of Consumer Affairs started ticketing restaurants serving outdoors in the early hours, citing a 1971 law everyone had forgotten existed and claiming it interfered with churchgoing. So, sorry, pious types (whoever you are), you might be out of luck in your attempt to stop the hipsters from having fun. Although, as one kind-of-rad-sounding Monsignor Calise of Brooklyn pointed out, if you go to 8 a.m. mass, you’ll be ready for brunch at 10: “It’s not an either/or proposition.” [City Room/NYT]