Chris Noth’s Personal Message Regarding the Cutting Room

The Good Barkeep.

Last night at the Summer Party at the High Line, Grub Street caught up with Chris Noth, who was not drinking a cosmo ("I can’t drink that shit!"), but was asking for help in reopening the Cutting Room doors at long last. "We’re just waiting for ConEd. They’re killing us," he moaned. Then he asked Grub Street to relay a very big message to the electric company. "I hope you print this ... "

"Please ConEd, come in and put in our air conditioning so we can open. We’ve been waiting for months. I don’t know how small businesses make it when they do this to us. It’s the only thing that’s keeping us from opening up. We’re going to be a great brand and we have a beautiful space off of Park Avenue South and 32nd and it’s going to be an amazing thing."