Rolling: British Chef Allegedly Doses Kids’ Desserts With Ecstasy

This is just so, so good.
This is just so, so good. Photo: iStockphoto

Most people want to die at children’s birthday parties, so kudos to one chef for finally making things fun and spiking the food with drugs! British chef Neil Iron got frisky when making chocolate mousse for toddlers at the Red Lion pub in north London (which sounds like a totally legit place to have a kids’ soiree). In fact, Iron allegedly laced the mousse with Ecstasy. Things got even wilder when the truffles came out; one parent claims to have had an “out-of-body experience” after eating them.

Iron, whom we should mention right now has a cocaine conviction on his record, claims that someone else at the party must have tampered with his desserts. He has a reputation to protect, seeing as how he once catered a tea party for another big E … Queen Elizabeth. As far as we know, that meal didn’t end with her sucking lollipops and waving glo-sticks.

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