L.A. and S.F. Chefs Look Beyond the Ban

Foie protestors in Santa Monica
Foie protestors in Santa Monica Photo: Hadley Tomicki

L.A. and San Francisco chefs are sounding off on the foie gras ban in The New York Times, with the paper calling July 1 “foie-madgeddon.” But let’s foieget the offal puns foie a minute, because the story is all about how emotional the impending restrictions are making our chefs, who realize that a repeal effort may not get very far. Chefs like David Kinch, Jon Shook, and Casey Lane all squeeze a word in on just how much they love the ingredient, while Michael Pollan himself admits the ban seems misguided, telling the paper, “I think it’s really a way for people to feel like they’ve done something without doing anything.” [NYT]