Arrivederci, Buona Vita, and Too Bad You Won’t Become a Taqueria


Even more changes are in store for Arlington’s Restaurant Row. Punjabi Tadka is about to open in the old Midami space, and now Buona Vita (formerly La Buona Vita) will be replaced by Scugnizzi. Buona Vita’s prices crept slowly upward while quality crept slowly downward in recent years, so it’s not a big shock. A change was bound to come. But we want tacos!

However: The Arlington Advocate says that Scugnizzi will offer “Neapolitan-style pizza,” pasta, and subs. Which makes it pretty much like the other 20 restaurants in Arlington selling pizza, pasta, and subs: Comella’s, Nicola, Steve’s, Villa and, for those who prefer a more elegant pie, Za. To name a few.

Sadly lacking, though, is a taqueria. Something like Brookline’s Dorado or Inman Square’s Olecito. Arlington has good sushi, plenty of Chinese spots, two Indian places (just how many Indian restaurants does one small town center need?), the aforementioned plethora of pizzerias, Argentinean, Iraqi, and two sit-down Mexican restaurants. Even an organic burger place.

We want cheap tacos, please. Place would be packed: Just over the border, Porter Square has no taquerias (Qdoba does not count). Belmont? Taco-less. Lexington? Taco-less. C’mon Arlington! Think outside the sub.

Buona Vita in Arlington to Become Scugnizzi [Advocate via BRT]

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