Fairmount’s Bukowski Bar Is Back on the Market Again

Bukowski drank here.
Bukowski drank here. Photo: Courtesy Naked Philly

Way back in June of 2010, Grub got wind of the 17th Spot going up for sale. The nondescript shot-and-beer joint near 17th Street and Fairmount Avenue is a notable landmark, because it’s the same spot where American drunkard author and poet Charles Bukowski used to spend his time while living in Philadelphia in the mid forties. It also served as the inspiration for the Golden Horn, the fictional bar at the center of the Bukowski-penned semi-autobiographical film Barfly. Well, history be damned; turns out the $1.2 million asking price was too high, because the bar never sold. But it’s back on the market again, Naked Philly reports, and the asking price has come down a little. With a gaggle of new bars and restaurants sprouting up in the Fairmount neighborhood in recent months, right now seems like it’s as good of a time as any for some entrepreneurial types to snatch up the place. Here’s hoping they give it good name, like Hank’s or Buk’s. [Naked Philly]

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