Bourdain Signs Mission Chinese for Burning-Hot Book

Literary kung pao, with a punch.
Literary kung pao, with a punch. Photo: Mike Lawrie/Getty Images, Melissa Hom

Anthony Bourdain tells Grub Street that he, on behalf of Ecco, has acquired the next Mission Chinese book, gushing “I’m publishing those guys!” Cookbook? Confessional? Guide to food so spicy you might fucking die? Spill it.

“I actually don’t care what they do; I just want to do business with them … these are people who have something to say, and whatever that is, I want to be associated with it.” (After all, much like Tony’s musicality with words, so too can Danny Bowien bring it: “Why are cooks the way they are … Why do they get paid to do so little? Why do they drink away their paycheck? Why do they wear flip-flops? Why do they have ugly-ass girlfriends and no quality of life?”) Bourdain couldn’t confirm much more, though believes the book will be released some time next year, sincerely noting that his literary team is “very, very, very happy to be publishing them.”