Blu Jam Cafe Embraces Breakfast for Dinner

Salmon benedict
Salmon benedict Photo: Blu Jam Cafe

A restaurant asking diners to decide what goes on the menu is a little like a parent who cedes control to their five-year-old to plan dinner. Which is more or less how West Hollywood’s six-year-old Blu Jam Cafe is ending up with its new menu concept. Reps for the Melrose restaurant admit the cafe has been struggling with a concept (the current menu veers from tinga tacos to Italian paella and a series for Czech tapas just ended, if that tells you anything), so they asked fans on Facebook to vote on what they’d like to eat here going forward.

The fans opted for what may be the grown-up equivalent of having ice cream and french fries for one’s entire supper, choosing the theme “breakfast for dinner.” Starting yesterday, chef-owner Kamil Majer launched an all-day menu that offers burgers as early as 8:00 A.M. and pancakes as late as 8:00 P.M. The menu still includes Majer’s goulash and chicken schnitzel, bulked up by breakfast dishes like a Mazatlan shrimp scramble, eggs Bohemia, and crunchy French toast with a vanilla bean dipping sauce, served all-day, every day. Take a look here at the possibilities.