Foie and Freedom: Philly’s 17 Best Foie Gras Dishes

The seared foie gras at Matyson.

Back in 2008 when a ragtag crew of animal-rights activists badgered Philly’s chefs and restaurateurs at their places of business and at their homes, only a few restaurants actually served the decadent delicacy. Now, with that group essentially run out of town, and a proposed measure to ban the highly coveted fattened goose liver literally laughed out of City Hall, there are scores of restaurants throughout the city that proudly serve it in an ever-increasing variety of imaginative ways. But not everyone has it so well: That’s why we’re standing in solidarity with our culinary counterparts in California who, on July 1, will lose their right to sell foie, perhaps once and for all. In support of chefs’ and restaurant-goers’ rights, we’re showcasing handful of some of what we believe are some of the city’s most stellar foie gras dishes. Click through, check them out, and leave a comment to tells us which ones you think are the best.

And when you’re done devouring the slideshow here in Philly, head to Grub’s San Francisco and Los Angeles editions to see which dishes they’ll soon be without. And when you’re done with all that (remember: foie is about excess), make sure to check out the foie offerings in New York, Boston, and Chicago, too.