Controversial Cuisine: Boston’s 12 Dreamiest, Most Succulent Foie Gras Dishes

Foie gras baklava sure has a nice ring to it.

California’s foie gras ban looms large on the summertime horizon (July 1, if you didn’t know), and so it seems only right to show solidarity with our West Coast compadres and take a moment to revel in the dazzling array of foie available right here in Boston. Foraging for our city’s finest, silkiest, smoothest foie gras was a taxing endeavor, but somebody had to do it. And we were happily up to the task.

Ahead, find lobes of foie accompanied by brioche waffles, a Kobe burger pumped full of foie, and even foie gras baklava from a food truck. We would keep typing, but we’re on the verge of a heart attack and need to go for a really long run.

So, while we attempt to reverse weeks’ worth of gluttony research, feast your eyes on our slideshow. Then, our compatriots in San Francisco and Los Angeles have done similar slideshows of endangered foie dishes, and our Grub Street friends in New York, Chicago, and Philly have followed suit in solidarity. Enjoy.