The End of Foie: 25 Foie Gras Dishes to Try in S.F. Before the Ban

Atelier Crenn's log of foie.

The day of reckoning is upon us: The California ban on foie gras arrives July 1. That last-ditch effort to get the law overturned by a coalition of 100 big-name chefs was met with some serious side-eye by the California legislature, and they have a point — we’ve had seven years to battle this thing, and it’s a little late to be acting now. Sure, there will probably be a black market for the ultimate in offal goodness, and sure, you’ll probably still find some twenty-dollar dishes of “rhubarb compote” (or similar) on certain menus in the future — with the wink-wink understanding that the chef isn’t so much selling you your torchon as giving it to you gratis now. But for those who want to stay within the letter of the law, you have 25 days left to gorge yourselves, gavage-style, on as much foie as you can find. So here are 25 great local dishes you might want to taste before the clock strikes midnight on the last day of June.

Also, our compatriots in L.A. have done a similar slideshow of endangered foie dishes down there, and our Grub Street friends in New York, Chicago, Philly, and Boston have followed suit in solidarity. Enjoy.