Outlaws: Thirteen Banned Foods We Should Be Able to Eat

Roast swan, anyone?

Last week, we all joined in helping California mourn the impending loss of foie gras owing to a statewide ban. This got us thinking about all the other banned and impossible-to-find foods here in the U.S., and how, as dutiful food writers, we’d like to try them all someday. Surprisingly, things like blowfish, shark fin, and horse meat (see this bologna M. Wells recently served on a grilled cheese, with foie gras, too) are still legal. (California just outlawed shark fin last year, though people can still sell it there until July 2013.) Okay, Grub Street draws the line at human genitalia, but what’s wrong with some real, non-canned Scottish haggis? Check out all the food that’s banned, but shouldn’t be, straight ahead.