America’s Thirteen Most Abusive Restaurants

How about a side of beef with that steak? Photo: Gavin Thomas

Last week, Conan O’Brien had a viral hit with a video that featured Triumph the Insult Comic Dog going head-to-head with the famously hostile late-night staff at Wieners Circle in Chicago. (If you haven’t watched it yet, go ahead and do so now. We can wait.) But the video did more than make us laugh. It got us thinking about all the spots around the country where customers keep coming back in part because of, and despite, guaranteed abuse. San Francisco’s famed “rudest waiter alive,” Edsel Ford Fong, may be long dead, and New York’s legendary Soup Nazi may now be just the CEO of a chain of totally friendly soup stands, but there are still many other places where you can get your fill of humiliation at the hands of a proprietor or waitress.

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